Welcome To Juggalo Island: A Guide To The Gathering 2015

Free the third weekend of July? Are you a fan of Psychopathic Records? Well, have I got something for you! For those unaware of this annual meeting of your fellow Juggalos and Lettes,  this article serves too inform you of this wonderful “Gathering” of your friendly neighborhood clowns and the first steps for getting there and ready! This year it is located at Legend Valley 7585 Kindle Rd, Thornville Ohio from July 22nd to the 25th.


gotj2015First things first, if your planing on staying the entire weekend or until the last day (Saturday July 25th) there are some basic things you need to know.

Camping. Thats right, it’s a giant camping ground! You have several options on how you want to stay at this wonderful Dark Carnival and regardless of what you decide you will have a blast.

Option one, park your car outside the grounds and just buy a weekend pass, which is the only type of normal ticket. Purchasing one ticket at the price of $180.00 allows you full access too all the concerts, wrestling events, comedian shows, parties, sideshows, competitions, seminars, autograph signings and much more at no additional expense to you. So even if your just going for a day, this is the only type of ticket available.

Option two is drive your car right on up there, up there being Ohio this year, and buy a car pass. A car pass allows you to keep your car parked inside  the grounds until the Festivities are over and it is time to go home. BUT! A ticket/wristband is still required!!! So your just paying for your vehicle to be inside the grounds with you next to your tent at the additional cost of $100.00.

Option three, Rv’s!!! Same as your car you will be paying a ticket specifically for your Rv along with purchasing a ticket per person! (My advice is too split it up with your roomies!!) This pass is an additional $160.00 after your ticket purchase.

The other two options (ticket options) are The All Star Experience and The Big Balla campsite, which both sadly are sold out this year. You can find more infromation about each types of tickets here: http://tickets.juggalogathering.com/


Okay, so setting up camp! Sadly, this isn’t an article about camping specifically so if your not too familiar with this sort of thing I suggest you either look up alot of videos teaching you or  try at least once before going to The Gathering.

All tents must be set up in the designated camping areas and honestly its an every man for himself ordeal. First come, first serve. All locations will be located on the map of Legend Valley below:




These maps are included in your program upon arrival as well so don’t worry about printing out a copy!!! Also, keep in mind, regardless of where you choose the Gathering staff reserve the right to move any tent, vehicle or campfire to handle disputes or if they are located on a road or an unofficial camping area. Here are some rules for the grounds as follows:

  • All tents and vehicles must be 15 feet from any other tent, vehicle, or campfire in all directions.
  • Do not camp in-between any row of metal poles as these mark fire lanes that have to remain open!
  • Make sure to safely contain, maintain, and extinguish all campfires.
  • All vehicles at a campsite must have the appropriate vehicle sticker pass placed on the driver’s side front windshield at all times, if proper pass was purchased for said vehicle.
  • Please be respectful of your adjacent neighbors, especially when it comes to excessive noise at night. Not everyone can stay up that late.

Some advice on Camping on the grounds!!! Via JuggaloGathering.com

  • Bring plenty of food to last you the amount of time you plan on staying
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated,  not gatorade, WATER.
  • Wear hats and light colored clothing while staying in the shade to stay cool. Small fans hand fans are a good idea too.
  • Sunscreen is always a good idea even on an overcast day, sunburns are never fun.
  • When camping make sure to bring the right supplies (tent, sleeping bag, rain gear, flashlight, bug spray, toiletries, towels, folding chair etc.) For more info on camping, like I said, look that stuff up Homie!
  • Bring a cell phone or some way to communicate.
  • Avoid any kind of substance abuse…know your limits, respect the people around you, and just don’t be stupid!!

And now for General Rules for GOTJ Specifically!!!

  1. No selling of illegal substances or law breaking period. Come on guys….we’re here to party but, chill
  2. No substance abuse or underage drinking. It all applies too Rule #1, just follow the rules guys.
  3. If children are present they MUST BE ADVISED BY PARENTS AT ALL TIMES!!
  4. No cutting of trees, damage of plants or wildlife. Were coming in on their home for a few days, lets show some respect.
  5. No vandalism or destruction of property.
  6. Speed limit on grounds is 5mph AT ALL TIMES.
  7. No animals.
  8. No weapons, glass, or dangerous objects. Yes that includes your hatchets, sorry Fam.
  9. No spray paint.
  10. No illegal fireworks, honestly I wouldn’t suggest any at  all for safety reasons
  11. Sorry, no outside firewood. Only the firewood sold at GOTJ!!
  12. Last but not least, no golf carts or four wheelers! Whatsoever.


And too wrap up this article are some other things located around you for your safety.

Information Tent

This is where you can go 24 hours a day if you have any questions, concerns or problems for the Psychopathic Representatives to handle. All staff working there are connected through radio to all other coordinators and can help you directly or get in touch with who can. This all includes Event times, problem solving, Maps and spare programs (Until they run out), Lost and Found, Display of Main Prizes won via various contests, display of auction items, and Promotions such as flyer”s and CD’s.

Merchandise Bazaar

This area will feature your search for merch, rare, offensive and Gathering exclusive merchandise from Psychopathic Records and its lovely list of artists. This will also be the place to seek out merchandise from all other artists performing on the Big Top and Carousal Stages as well as a variety of other vendors. You may also by additional programs here.

Atm’s are available but you are held responsible for all transactions, no refunds. There is also a Convenient Store available on the grounds, 24 hours!!You will find everything from condoms, to disposable cameras, to over-the-counter-medications and much more. There will also be food courts, for your delicious needs.Also, bring a container!! There are drinking stations where you can refill on fresh water! Shower trailers are open, both having stations for both male and females separately. A Medical tent also is available. The Medical Tent will be staffed by trained paramedics 24 hours a day to handle any of your medical needs. There will also be an ambulance on hand to transport anyone with a serious medical emergency quickly and efficiently to a nearby hospital. And last Security. Anyone who needs to get a hold of security for any reason can either go to the Security Tent (located by the front entrance) or the Information Tent. They aren’t here too ruin the fun, just too keep everyone safe.


And thats  about it for this info artical, if you have any questions or want to know more about the actually events and guests check out their official page where you can also buytickets @ Juggalogathering.com or just go straight to http://www.juggalogathering.com/contact-info too speak to one of the representative directly on any concerns the page does not cover. Also, on the website you can find anything from Vendors to the  actual Timeline of this years events! Also, if you have the time check out the infomercial


So, if you decide to go be careful and have a blast,  if it just isn’t your year, don’t worry there’s always next!!! Whoop whoop and MCL Fam.