Recently, Molly Longman published an article on where in she approaches the subject of Juggalo Justice with an air of seriousness and respect which the case does not often receive from those who are not fans of the underground horrorcore music scene. Though, language often provides clues to the authors bias towards confusion over some of the traditions of concert goers – she is quick to offer the opinions and statements well respected non-fans that substantiate the right of Juggalos to gather (pun intended). 

Though statements are made implying the absurdity of throwing faygo rockets, wave ‘Fuck You’ flags and singing about the lack of working knowledge of magnets – Longham utilizes statements to express that sadness, turmoil, grief and often times utter chaos the FBI have subjected many, many innocent people to, unfairly. She discusses a Juggalo who lost custody of his children because oh hatchet house decor. She goes on to speak of confessed reciept of unfair treatment in military for hatchet related ink. The misfortune she write of hits home for alot of Juggalos. Being that the FBI have practically given police the order to treat Juggalos as they would a gang member – no matter how ‘loosly affiliated’ they attempted to write it in the books as being.

When it comes down to it – Longman seems to support the fight for Juggalo Justice. She points out that no other large fan bases are listed as gangs, and alot of other musical fan bases refer to and think of each other as family. We say – Juggalos, the time is coming. We don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone because we are human just as they. But we WANT to prove to them, because we want to support every effort made in this whole hearted endeavour of the Insane Clown Posse to clear our names from being automatically associated with gang membership. We’re all human, and some of us make bad choices. But remember, what you do is a reflection now on who we are as a whole. Have your fun, guys. But help the old lady across the street too. Let them see who we really are – whether they want to see it or not. The truth will set you free and the truth is family pulls together in times of need.

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