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Juggalo of the DayName: Joshua “Biggie” Simpkins
Wanna tell your Family story?
It was a hot as hell June day in the summer of 1997. My two homies and I we kicking rocks back from the store when we happened upon a beat up blank cassette tape. I’m a broke ass ninja so I’m thinking to myself: Score! “I can take that home clean it up and put something fresh on it.” Unbeknownst to me at that moment that tape already had something fresh on it. Anyway my homie Spooky was just gonna chuck it across the embankment, but I stopped him and convinced my other homie Grinch to go to his pad to clean it up. While I was doing my thing on the tape I got this strange feeling that when I was done we had to see what was on it before we did anything else with it. So Grinch pulls out his ghetto-blaster circa 1986 and we pop in the newly spiffed up cassette. What we heard changed our lives for ever. This tape held a piece of our destinies. Bumping out of Grinch’s speakers we got our first taste of The Great Milenko and we’ve been down with the clown ever since. Over the last almost 2 decades I personally have been to 54 Psychopathic Records and now Magic Ninja Entertainment shows. It all started with The Psychopathics from Outer Space tour back in the day and I just caught Twiztid’s Back to Hell tour last week. I’m still a broke ass ninja so I have yet to experience The Gathering. It’s on my Bucket List, at the top, it’s #1 actually. Down with the Clown til I’m dead in the ground!
Favorite Artist:
Insane Clown Posse
Years Down:
Favorite Song:
Favorite Faygo:
Rock N Rye



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