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Juggalo of the DayName: Carlos Esquivel
Wanna tell your Family story?:
Juggalo since 1995, eight year independent pro wrestler, former contributor and album reviewer of Faygoluvers.net, run a personal youtube channel at Juggalo972 and a gaming channel called, “Juggalo972 Plays“.

The first time I heard anything from the Hatchet was when I got ahold of an old tape sampler that a friend’s older brother had, from when ICP hit all the major local high schools in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. First song I heard I believe was, “Wagon Wagon” and from then I was hooked, but the first album I heard was The Great Milenko. Then as I learned more about ICP, I then discovered Twiztid….and from then on, just like ICP it was all history from there. My most fond memories of discovering Psychopathic’s music was when I first purchased “The Amazing Jeckel Brothers” and soon after, Twiztid’s “Mostasteless” and the following year was Freekshow and 2001 when Dark Lotus combined like Voltron.

My very first show was the Hatchet Rising Tour in 2001, at the Bronco Bowl when the family all performed together and headlined as Dark Lotus. That was really special because I learned just how deep the family is dedicated to not just music, but towards one another. My favorite shows since then have been Twiztid’s Green Book, Man’s Myth, Guillotine, Toxic Terror, End of Days and Kaos and Kronik tours. My most favorite Dark Lotus shows were in 2009, at Hatchet Attacks, The Opaque Brotherhood tour and of course, Hatchet Rising.
Years Down:
Favorite Faygo :
Favorite Artist:
Dark Lotus
Favorite Song:
That’s Me
Favorite Album:
Tales From the Lotus Pod (original)
Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/carlosesquiveljr87
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