Juggalo of the Day

Juggalo of the DayName: Soopa
Wanna tell your Family story? 
Just another loco from Dallas puttin it down on stage and in the ring, music is the one thing that keeps me lifted and psychopathic reached out, grabbed me by the neck and pulled me in, just went through a stack of cds one day that my pops brought home from work found the great milenko put it in n been bumpin since, a fellow ninja by the name Hawaiin was goin through my cd kase one day in gym klass and saw the milenko cd and asked “no shit you’re a juggalo?!?!?!” I said no because at the time I didn’t know what a juggalo was and i wasnt gonna klaim somethinI didn’t know about, he lend me cd after cd, told me everything about bein down and as he kept bringin me in further and further into the Dark Karnival I was hooked, I mean I felt like I was hooked from the beginning when I listened to the milenko album that first day but when he explained everything and brought me into thy light, I knew I was home.
Years Down:
11 years
Favorite Faygo :
Moon Mist
Favorite Artist:
Blaze ya Dead Homie
Favorite Song:
its between “Never Gone Quit” and “Ryda Hata”
Favorite Album:



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