Special Juggalo Show Tonight on Psychopathic Radio!


Gathering 17

Hey Fam, be sure to check out the Juggalo Show tonight on Psychopathic Radio! You will have the chance to win tickets to THE GATHERING! After last week when Wolfpac dropped tons of freshness for the gathering, you already know more news is going to come tonight at 8 PM EST.   So far we have heard who won the Demo Jams and that some of Strange Music’s finest will have cards in Into the Echoside. Wolpac let us into all the contests, peep that shit stage, and all the dope ass shit Psychopathic radio will have to offer. So be sure to tune in tonight, get more freshness, and, I think I mentioned this before, WIN TICKETS TO THE GATHERING!!


Tune in at psychopathicradio.com

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