Bronies Are Juggalos Too



Can Bronies, males devoted to the tv show: My Little Pony, be Juggalos?  According to the Insane Clown Posse and Vinnie Monaster, yes, yes they can.  Bronies who are Juggalos are bronies-boys2_2917603kcalled Juggalonies and ICP invited all them and Juggalonies to this years Gathering of the Juggalos.

Reported by the Detroit Metro Times, Vinnie Monaster was also asked about Bronies and Juggalos on his ‘Ask A Juggalo column.’

Questioner: “…I do sometimes wonder what would happen if the two fandoms met. Would they chill and swap stories, since Juggalos know what it means to be outcasts? Or am I just a lucky guy to have such understanding friends. What’s the Juggalo take on Bronies?”625432192357371bdaf66592046dcc81

Vinnie: “I think any group that’s considered “outcasts” is gonna stick together. I think, if anything, that Juggalos are very open-minded to other things and people’s interests. It goes back to us being judged all the time…”

You can read more about Vinnie and his questioner in the original article, “Insane Clown Posse invites Bronies into Juggalo family?”, written by Michael Jackman.

Violent J also states the same as Vinnie did in his column about on how Juggalos are misunderstood and mistreated because society does not like the face paint and strange music, deeming it weird.  However, family is family, whether as a Bronie or a Juggalo, if you are misunderstood by others, your family will always be behind you.