The Marvelous Missing Link Tour Get’s a Visit From Razor 94.7 FM’ Own Cutter For a Closer Look At Juggalos

When the wagons hit The Sandlot Entertainment Complex at the Watering Hole in Green Bay –  Cutter of Razor 94.7 FM had already set up shop and were vying at the chance to talk with Juggalos in hope of gaining a level of understanding. Discussing how ‘deep‘ this goes, comparing the Juggalo Family to the maggots and fan base of slipknot – while others have compared Juggalo fandom to the following of The Grateful Dead. A Juggalo whose only identification given was the name ‘Tommy”, talks about how being a part of this family has allowed him to experience things he might not have otherwise – like  planning a trip to australia with homies he met through gathering and show attendance. He explains that it is family – no hate, no racism, no judgemental nature. “People fear what they do not know”, Tommy said using one of my personal favorite mottos. We also get to hear from P.O.D. as well as another Juggalo who gets to play 20 questions trivia. Take a listen.


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