6 Modern Subcultures That Might Shock The Mainstream

Juggalos to shock the mainstream? The Houston Press earlier today put out an article titled “6 Modern Subcultures That Might Shock The Mainstream“. They listed Real Vampires, Otherkin, Fan Fic Communities, Furries, Bronies, and Juggalos as their Top 6 subcultures. Here’s the excerpt where they mention Juggalos.


Juggalos get a lot of exposure these days, and have roots going back to at least the early ’90s. They are the extreme fans of the Insane Clown Posse, a hip hop group from Detroit which got its start in 1989. The music of I.C.P. has never been about subtlety, and the group consists of two guys wearing clown makeup who pen songs about drugs, murder, and…magnets, among other subjects. As the years went on, some of their fans began to wear clown makeup too, and eventually created a huge subculture of Juggalos. Many of these clown-faced fans make a lifestyle from their affiliation with their Juggalo family, with its biggest celebration being the yearly “Gathering of the Juggalos,” an enormous celebratory, and infamously lawless music festival that I.C.P puts on in Ohio. The (very NSFW) infomercials advertising this event give outsiders a view into Juggalo life, and are well worth a look. The FBI currently considers Juggalos to be an outlaw gang, which doesn’t seem particularly fair since it’s rare to hear of any significant violence or criminal activity attributed to them. Yes, drug use is celebrated, but the FBI doesn’t consider other groups of music fans, such as Deadheads, to be criminal gangs. Juggalos often look scary in their makeup, but they seem mostly harmless. As mentioned, the following video is not safe for work or sensitive viewers.



So what do you think? Do you think Juggalos shock the mainstream? Or do you think it is so common now that it is considered a regular thing?