AMC FearFest Gives The Fans What They Want!

Every year I look forward to AMC FearFest. It is easily my favorite thing to watch during the Halloween season.This year, however, marks the networks 20th anniversary. I can’t believe I’ve been watching this since I was a teenager. Back in 1996 the network first began hooking its audience up with an incredible marathon of horror movie classics. I know some of you may remember that its original name was MonsterFest.

Well at Comic Con recently it was announced via press release . The announcement of FearFest not only returns but is getting an additional week! Currently, FearFest 2016 is set to begin on October 16,2016 and make its course until Halloween night.

Also, buried inside that press release was the announcement of The Walking Dead, in its seventh season. That just happens to be during FearFest also, premiering on October 23,2016.

Currently, we here at TJF don’t have the programming schedule yet. Rest assured though that AMC will feature their staple themed programming as well as the horror classic films for a terrifying fix. Once, that programming is released, we will make sure to share the full schedule of events and film schedule.