Just In! Brock Lesnar With An Exciting Return, At UFC 200

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Brock Lesnar is coming out of retirement from the UFC and will be at UFC 200! Earlier tonight, UFC officials dropped the bomb that the WWE Superstar and former UFC Heavyweight Champ will face an undisclosed opponent at UFC 200 on July 9th. Kind of odd to hear though considering Brock was pretty clear back in March of last year saying that he was “closing the door” on the MMA promotion.

Lesnar’s career was cut short due to his struggle with diverticulitis, and after leaving the promotion, he returned to World Wrestling Entertainment, where he’s been performing in the squared circle for the last four years. Lesner who turns 39 next month obviously feels he is ready to get back in the octagon. According to the WWE, Lesner was granted a “one off” match within the UFC and will return back to the WWE for Summerslam.

This certainly leaves room to speculate if this is just a rare gem for the fans or possibly a teaser of what is to come when his contract with the wrestling giant expires in 2018. Who knows. Tell us what you think in the comments.

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