Just Got Down With The Clown: Five

Just Got Down With The Clown

Just Got Down With The Clown

It’s Friday; It’s Friday!  I’m so excited.  We’re back with this week’s fifth, Just Got Down With The Clown.  After this, I finally get to sleep in this weekend.  It’s tough being a college student.

So how are y’all liking my column so far?  Last week on Just Got Down With The Clown, I mentioned that I’d write some insight about my life on the TJF staff.  I’m actually going to bump that over to the Friday after next week on the 20th.

I want to know what the Fam is interested in.  Ask me some questions and give me an idea of what y’all want to be reading on Just Got Down With The Clown.

Are there any newbies out there with questions about Juggalo life?  Anything you want to know about me personally?  Even though I’m not the newest member on the TJF staff anymore (I’ve been around for four months now!  Whoop whoop!  It’s SO exciting), I am the youngest.  I am also the one that y’all probably know the least about (save for the JGDWTC column), so go ahead and ask some questions.

Shoot a message to TJF on Facebook, and the more common questions will be answered in next week’s article.  For some question ideas, try asking about college or other things I’d favor.  Be sure to mention in your message that the question is for me, ShadowRose, for next week’s JGDWTC.

So enjoy your weekend y’all and see ya next Friday!  I cannot wait to see what y’all want to know about me.




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