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Just Got Down With The Clown

Just Got Down With The Clown

Hey los and lettes.  If you didn’t get to read the intro to the newest column, Just Got Down With The Clown, then
that’s ok.  The column is about my (ShadowRose) life from the first day I was introduced to ICP up until il_570xN.365505341_tv51present day.  I am going to start with that very first day.

It all started on September 10, 2014.  My ex, who will not be named but referred to as SJ, was a true-hearted Juggalo.  I had noticed an unusual tattoo on his arm of a figure that looked like a boy holding a hatchet.  The symbol was also on the cover photo of his Facebook.  I had first asked my cousin if she had seen it before, and she had.  She told me the guy I liked and was going to be hanging out with was part of a gang that beats and rapes women.  She told me that I should not hang out SJ or go near him.  I was slightly worried but I didn’t believe he would hurt me; we’d been talking for about a month and hung out before, and not once did his personality every make me imagesfeel unsafe.

   Anyway, I met him at a local park and we chatted for about five or more hours.  He’d asked me out and we just talked to get to know one another more-so.  I then brought up his tattoo and asked him the meaning.  For about an hour he explained what Juggalos were, the fight with the FBI, the hatchet man symbol, Insane Clown Posse and other bands, and the
misunderstanding of the Juggalos.  He also told me about the Juggalo Riders, however, we will not go on about them.
When I had to leave, he walked me home before he headed back to the trailer park.

81973b5d6e42276af37cf02c2b4c42d1.1000x592x1Immediately I got on my computer and did some research.  I searched up articles on Juggalos, Insane Clown Posse, Psychopathic Records, and much, much more.  The first song I listened to was, “Boogie Woogie Woo,” by ICP, and then, “What is a Juggalo,” also by them.  “What is a Juggalo,” made me chuckle because it completely reminded me of my boyfriend.

I liked the music.  I heard the messages underneath.  I listened to about 30 songs that night before heading to bed.  The only issue I came to was my mother told me to keep the music on a down low.  She knew about Juggalos and ICP, but she did not like the idea of me listening to them.  She did not agree entirely of the concept but she didn’t judge those that were Juggalos.  She judged them based on their 91-atlgactions.
That, is also another topic for another time.

Anyway, from there, I downloaded many songs from ICP, Dark Lotus, and Twiztid.  My favorites, even to today, are still, “What is a Juggalo,” “Pass the Axe,” and “Whoop Whoop.”  Upon discovering the Juggalo world, I learned that I had many friends that were also los and lettes.  It amazed me about how blind I was to the life.

That is how I was introduced to my first Juggalos.

The next two or three Just Got Down With The Clown columns will continue with the early stages of how ICP and other bands changed my life and how the Juggalo way became my life.