Just Got Down With The Clown

Just Got Down With The Clown

Happy Friday the 13th and welcome back to Just Got Down With The Clown!  Last week on Just Got Down With The Clown, I announced to the public that I was open to questions.  Today, I shall answer them.

Here are some of the more common questions that were asked.

“What state do you live in?”

Most TJF staff live in Texas.  I am from Northeastern Pennsylvania but I am currently residing in a dorm room in South Carolina.  A long way from home; 12 hours.  However, I get to go back home for Christmas break.

“How old are you and when is your birthday?”

I am 18.  My birthday is May 22nd, 1997.  I am the youngest member of TJF and I am proud of that.  I like being young, but I’m ready to continue to experience life.

“What do you enjoy about writing?”

I like the way words can be put together to create a story.  I like how powerful they can be, and that once you’ve said them you can never take away what was said.  I like that words are communication between beings no matter the language.  I like that, when I write, I can tie words together to make a picture for you through imagery and bring you to feel a specific emotion.  Writing makes me feel like I have control.

“What caused you to start writing?”

I am not really sure.  I have always liked writing.  At first it started with pictures like an artist.  Then, as a child, I would itch to write words but had no idea what to write.  I wrote my first book in 6th grade and some poetry in 7th grade.  Since then, I have looked for opportunities to write and turn my skills into a career I would love.  That’s how I came to love being a journalist.

“When did you become a Juggalette?”

Truthfully?  I believe I have always been a Juggalette.  However, I believe I never knew who I was until I was introduced to the culture.  If I had to pick a specific time that I could say, ‘I’m a Juggalette,’ I’d have to say about February/March of 2015 is when I really committed to the idea.

“What is your favorite song and why?”

Haha… it’s hard to pick.  I’d have to say either What is a Juggalo – ICP  or Pass the Axe – Dark Lotus or Whoop Whoop – Twiztid.  They’re the songs that I started on.  I like the beat behind them.  I mainly find What is a Juggalo ironically funny, Pass the Axe twisted, and Whoop Whoop awesome for the chorus line.

“What are you going to college for?  What do you want to do with your life?  What are your goals?”

I am majoring in Journalism and minoring in Marketing.  I want to be an author.  I hope that through journalism and marketing, I can become a full-time author with my own publishing company.

“Who is your favorite Psychopathic artist?”

Haha… along with my favorite song, it’s hard to pick.  ICP, Twiztid, or Dark Lotus…

“What does family mean to you?”

It means not judging others by their outside appearance.  It means knowing that I have my homies back and that they have mine.  It’s undeniable love for those that I don’t know because we all have differences.  To me, it means belonging where I once thought I wouldn’t belong.  This question is hard to pinpoint a real answer for because there are so many meanings for it.  Those are just some.

Well Los and Lettes, I hope you enjoyed the small questionere about me.  If you enjoyed the article or enjoy TJF in general, please feel free to subscribe to our bi-weekly newspaper.  Have a good Friday the 13th and see you next week!