Just Got Down With The Clown: Three

Just Got Down With The Clown

Just Got Down With The Clown

Hey Los and Lettes!  Sorry for the late issue of Just Got Down With The Clown.  It’s been a very busy and time consuming day.  Anyway… lets begin with my parents.
So, my dad never heard of ICP, which was cool.  He doesn’t like the music and gives me a questioning eye sometimes when he hears me talking about it, but he doesn’t mind me listening to it.  My parents have seen a change in my personality since I started listening.  I’ve become more confident of my looks instead of always wishing I was someone else.  Along with that, I’ve become less caring about what other’s think about me and what I do.  Overall, I’ve become more appreciative and happier in life than I was before.

11781886_613682858773912_6256328313610816034_nSo, with my mom.  She first heard I was listening to the music through my cousin, who–if you remember from the first article–had warned me about staying away from Juggalos.  My mom, who had a partial knowledge about ICP and Juggalos, stopped me one day to have a talk with me about what and who I was listening to.

She had asked me whether I was listening to ICP in order for my ex to like me better or to seem more cool.  She also asked me if I was back in a depression besides being sad for having been dumped.  I was honest and told her no.  I like the music, I liked the representation of a Juggalo, and I was doing what I liked.  She took it well and then moved on from it.  She said I could like whatever I wanted so long as it did not turn me into a bad person or changed me in a way that was bad (our definition of bad).

From there, I pretty much lapsed into a non-evolving cycle.  I listened to the songs I liked, looked for some others, talked to some of my friends, and continued with life.  I never moved onto the news about what was happening in the Juggalo society with Psychopathic Records or Majik Ninja Entertainment or Strange Music.  At lease I hadn’t involved myself as much as I have since joining True Juggalo Family.

So that’s the end for this week.  Next week, I’ll tell you about my beginning of one of the best opportunities in my life.




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