Just Got Down With The Clown: Two

Just Got Down With The Clown

Just Got Down With The Clown


Hey los and lettes!  Lets continue from Just Got Down With The Clown: One.

At the beginning of my Juggalo journey, I had mentioned my ex boyfriend, SJ as I’ve decided to call him here,  introduced me to the Insane Clown Posse.  Well, two weeks after we’d started dating, he left me for a girl who sent him nudes, etc… I won’t get into many details about those circumstances.  However, I was quite devastated.  You see, I had not really dated truly before him nor had I had been treated as nicely by another guy.  So I lost something I was new to experiencing.

The music was my comforting zone.  LDLHAIBCSYWA, Lift Me Up, All the Rest, I Wanna Die, and Last Chance were the songs that helped me get over my ex.  They allowed for sadness to be gone.  However, not just the music helped.  My Juggalo friends, who I had just realized were Juggalos and Juggalettes, also cheered me up.  Y’all know how Juggalos like to party, whoop whoop.


Anyway, from there, that’s when I learned that there were more messages under the music and that family is forever.


So, on a side note to this previous hour: I am trying to figure out what to do for Halloween this year.  I am currently enrolled in a University and originally didn’t bring any costumes with me.  So, I plan on doing face paint and black clothing.  Check out my joker face and tiger face, and then comment whether you like it or no.




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