Kendo’s RassleRap Review

Hey what up family? It’s your homie Kendo here to drop a quick review on the 12/17 RassleRap Charity Festival Tour and hook you all up with some video. The show went down in Cleveland, Ohio at the Agora Ballroom. This was the last show on the tour but was still a great show from top to bottom.

Rasslerap Venue Change



The show was opened up by Kevin Gill coming out with a few words about what was all to go down that night and what the proceeds of the show would go to (St. John’s children’s hospital) for those of you that have been living under a rock. After KG left the stage there were 2 local openers that played wish I could recall their names but I was outside at the time of there intro.


After the two local acts played it was time for some JCW action. Match one  featured a JCW hall of famer with his tag partner that’s right ninjas Mad Man Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson and they took on the team of Samantha Heights and Frankie Flint. In true JCW fashion this match started shit off right with action that went all over the place and lots of hardcore action. In the end, the match went to Mad Man Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson .


After the match was time for more of that underground hip hop flavor. The next artist to rock the stage was Razakel. I am not to familiar with her music but I will be soon as I am now a big fan. This chick rocked not only the stage but held down the JCW ring to and got the ninjas in attendance super hype. Also a rally cool artist to hang out with very humble she even took the time to take a quick shoot with a new fan…. Me

Moving along to the next event was some more JCW action. Match 2 was a triple threat match that featured Mosh Pit Mike vs Chuey Martinez vs The Rude Boy. Now this match was straight crazy I tip my hat to all three of them. This match had so much blood that they very well might be still cleaning the venue. In the end it was The Rude Boy stealing the win getting the 1 2 3 on Chuey Martinez.

The next artist to come out and rock the house was New Yorks own Myzery. If you are not familiar with Myzery he is worth looking into a long time homie of Psychopathic Records… and one of the original Psychopathic Rydas (Twin Gats). Myzery and is hype man Fuego Flamez rocked the juggalos to the fullest.

Moving on to the next match witch was a tag title match. Match 3 featured some of the juggalos favorite the Ring Rydas to take on the jcw tag champs Super Strong Tiger and The Spider Monkey. If any of you have seen any of these guys wrestle before than you know this was a high flying match. This match went back and forth with some real high risk moves but in the end the champs retained there titles and the Rydas went home with no gold.

Now back to some more of that underground rap we all love next up is our homie Big Hoodoo. Now if you have yet to peep out a live Hoodoo set you’re missing out. Hoodoo came out in true ninja faction and rocked the fam like he always does.

The next JCW match was the VIP lumberjack match. Match 4 featured former JCW world heavyweight champ The Weedman vs Rough Crossing. This match was extra fresh cause if you donated $100 you got the opportunity to be a lumberjack right outside the ring and get in on the action when it spilled outside. This match was a great match and it was incredible to watch. After all the madness in and out of the ring our homie The Weedman took the win.

Now if you thought that the action was over well your wrong we got much more flavor for that ass. Next up to rock the wicked shit is our homie the native warrior ABK. Now most of you im sure know killa puts on a dope show and this was no exception. Our hatchet homie rocked the stage and the faces off the fam  like he has been doing for years now . I also was unable to get any good shoots of abk as the lights were super low and I was rocking out .

After a short break we got blessed with a performance by Willie D (of the Geto Boys) this was pretty fresh to see being a OG fan of them. He rocked the stage for a few tracks and than blessed us with some old school stories of tour with the geto boys. Willie D was so dope he even brought up a ninja out the crowd to rock the stage with him for 2 tracks.

Now back to some in ring action its time for the main event. Match 5 featured JCW world heavyweight champ Kongo Kong vs M Dogg 20 aka Matt Cross and was for the title this match seemed one sided till M Dogg picked up the speedy and took the upper hand with some high flying high risk movers. In the end the match went to our champ Kongo Kong.

Now that JCW was done with for the night it was time for more artist to rock the stage. Our next act to school it was Young Wicked and he did just that schooled it. Young Wicked did a few tracks off of his new album Slaughter and some off of the AMB Garcia Brothers album and 2 off of the KillJoy Club album.

After the homie Young Wicked killed it it was time for the moment the fam had been waiting for. After what most would say was already a devastating night we still got t witness a solo set by Violent J. This set has been long over due and was truly fresh to see live. Even though J was sick as a dog he still came out and killed it. He had a bit of help from his brother Jumpsteady and from Young Wicked but for over half of his set he did it with only the help of the ninjas in attendance.

After J’s set the show was over for most if you donated $100 you got to be part of a meet and greet with all the talent from the show. This was no normal meet and great it felt more like a exclusive after party and went one for like 2 hours after the show it was a great way to end things.