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The Kevin Gill Show Interviews Guitarist Billy Biohazard

It’s The Kevin Gill Show #90 bringing you a fresh interview with Billy Biohazard. KG tells a story with no names in the beginning commentary about a time he sang a Biohazard song for Karoke in Japan. He was able to unite a rowdy crowd with his rendition of this amazing hardcore metal band ballad. If you have never heard of the the New York band it’s about time you should. They have played the Gathering and toured with ICP. On the show Billy and KG relate how the NY Hardcore scene is a lot like the Juggalo scene. They are both a way of life and groups that share a common love.

But this interview has much more to offer. They discuss the pasing of Prince, Bowie, and Chyna. Billy’s musically journey from the tender age of six up until now. They, of course, relate about their great Gathering experiences and respect they have for both groups. KG tells of how Billy even helped him out at the Gathering. Billy talks of “Fighting the System from within,” which is advise his dad gave him. They also talk about Gracie MMA and Billy relates his love for CM Punk. He also relates about his beloved training he undergos everyday. They go into Evan leaving the band and how they overcame that challenge. Then, when informing us of the new project Biohazard is working on tells of their bassist quiting recently. But, that again is just another challenge they will overcome. The PMA of this episode is all about making realistic goals and gong one step at a time.

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