Kevin Gill Show Episiode 73 Featuring MVP

Kevin Gill Show

Pro Wrestler MVP returns for episode 73 of the Kevin Gill Show.  I was stoked to hear that MVP was returning for another episode.  The first episode was one of my favorites.

MVP is Wrestling’s hottest free agent! He returns to talk WWE, Undertaker’s Streak, learning from legends, Lucha Underground, Vince McMahon, NXT, Matt Hardy, rebirth in New Japan, Ken Anderson, El Rey Network, Robert Rodriguez, Wrestlemania, Shelton Benjamin, Gathering Of The Juggalos, WrestleMerica, Samoa Joe, Global Force Wrestling, Finn Balor, Wrestle Kingdom, Smackdown, All Pro Wrestling, and keeping an open mind.. PLUS Chris Masters stops by!
KG Talks UGWA, H2o, PMA, Reno Wrestle Factory, and Time Warp Media !!