Kevin Gill Show Episode #71 Featuring Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front


Legendary Agnostic Front guitarist invited us into his Mott Street apartment to talk about being on WWE Network, Corey Graves, touring with The Old Firm Casuals, NYHC Tattoo’s, Bruno Sammartino, CBGB’s, wrestling Johnny Valiant, Craig Ahead, evolution of hardcore, life before IPhones, Madball, favorite recipe’s and unusual Agnostic Front covers!  AF Bassist Mike Gallo joins us to talk about Backyard Wrestling, the original NWA, being a barber, new bands and more in this very energized, very NEW YORK episode!   “You gotta believe in magic..You gotta believe in yourself!” –Vinnie Stigma   NYHC Music and more at www.DignifiedBastard.Com www.KevinGillShow.Com for all 71 episodes!

Fun fact. When I started this podcast I planned to do a little blog about each episode with links to things we talked about and etc… I was like I’ll get caught up after a few episodes… and then… for 70 episodes I continued on blog free…. BUT NOW I AM AM BACK IN THE BLOG-OSPHERE!!!

Thanks for listening. Sincerely.

First I gotta give Vinnie Stigma and Agnostic Front mad respect. True Trailblazers and pioneers!! As a kid I started to get into thrash metal because it was the most aggressive thing I ever heard at that time.

I started to watch Headbangers Ball (12-3am on MTV once a week, back in the day) and the show was inexplicably jam packed with  Bullet Boyz, and Enuff Z Nuff nonsense I had to suffer through to get to see an Anthrax video, or a Suicidal Tendencies video…and then one night… in the final moments of the show… around 2:57 am when almost everyone was already in bed…