Your PMA Power Hour with  Crazy Mary Dobson!

Crazy Mary DobsonThis weeks episode 65 of the Kevin Gill Show is a very in-depth heart-felt podcast. Just hearing KG speak his heart on recent events and his perspective of the unraveling events of the Gathering is really inspiring.

But I digress“, this weeks special guest is the one and only Sarah Bridges aka as Crazy Mary Dobson.

Crazy Mary Dobson talks about her first Gathering, horror movies, PMA, Awesome Kong, Sabu, Gwar(my favorite Metal band!), memories of Dave Brockie, wrestling internationally, Bull Pain, Murphy’s Law, Shimmer, meeting the love of her life, ICP, Tessa Blanchard, Madman Pondo, her near death experience, Saints Row, and shoots on 2 Tuff Tony!
KG talks StocktonCon, Global Force Wrestling, UGWA, Gathering Of The Juggalos memories and thoughts, and the importance of making every moment count.

This weeks podcast is definitely in my Top 3 of the Kevin Gill Show(Rude Boy and Matt Hardy being the other two). So be sure to sit down and crank your volume up, because this weeks episode with Crazy Mary Dobson is definitely going to be one of your favorites too!


Im an ass kicking pro wrestler who just happens to do deathmatches.- Crazy Mary Dobson