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The Kevin Gill Show Features Luke Hawx Interview

Episode #93 of the Kevin Gill Show features the great big armed wrestler Luke Hawx. The Luke Hawx interview is a mix of great conversation and wrestling talk. KG starts the podcast with some shout outs to supporters like Doing Dope Thangz and even us, True Juggalo Family! Thanks, KG we just love your show here. But I digress. This episode is jammed packed with great stories and commentary.

The interview starts off with so great PMA. It is the PMA power hour after all. Luke talks about how his family is quite the low life’s of society but that never held him back. He just worked hard and grinded his ass off to become the success he is without any hand-outs. KG and Luke relate well on how it takes a great amount of effort and drive to get what you want no matter where you come from. This leads to a conversation about how perspective is everything and you can’t believe everything to see on social media. There is quite a bit of talk about the good and bad sides of the monster that is social media.

But don’t worry there is some wrestling talk in this interview as well. Luke discusses wrestling school and teaching. The two discussd match-ups, JCW, WWF, ECW, and the great opportunities NXT provides. Luke also relates on how training is the best vacation. Life is all about what you want to do and weight lifting is a joy for him. He, in fact, prefers being in the gym as opposed to sitting on the beach. Luke also elaborates on the AJ Styles feud and how it’s ok to hate AJ. He absolutely loves Paul Heyman though. He tells of his first encounter with Paul and how he pushed him to go far in his wrestling career. Paul Heyman to this day is a great motivator for Paul and someone he has mad respect for.

A little underground tidbit of interest is his love for Three Six Mafia and work with Vampiro. Apparently Luke idolized Three 6 Mafia growing up and was able to meet them. Now they are all friends. Vampiro helped Luke get into the film business. Luke from there was able to get into acting and stunt work. He has much love for the JCW star.

The show endes as always with some PMA. They discuss situations where PMA ends when stupid begins. KG quotes “move bitch! Get out the way!” Luke states he is all smiles and laughs most of the time and that there is too much hate in the world.

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Nest week episode will feature Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope! So, stay tuned for that!



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