KidCrusher United States Tour Update


A lot of us know or have at least heard of the South Australian rap-metal artist KidCrusher. He has been around making devastating music for 10 years with a total of 12 studio albums released, all without ever being signed to a record label. He’s worked with some top industry artists such as Insane Clown Posse, Tech N9ne, Xzibit, Hed(pe), Mushroomhead, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, and much more. However, even with all these names and accomplishments, KidCrusher has never been able to perform in America. The biggest reason he has yet to be able to come over is because of a 2008 controversy, in which he was offered a performance at The Gathering Of The Juggalos. Unfortunately, because he did not have the proper visa, he was given a 5 year ban from entering the United States. Another result of the ban (which ended in 2013) is that KidCrusher has to pay more in order to make the trip over, making a total of $4,000 in visa fees and another $6,000 in travel expenses and equipment.

Even though it has been difficult over the past few years, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. KidCrusher has a tour booked for the USA in 2016, but he needs our help. A fundraiser was started to raise money, and so far, there is a total of $2,628.00 donated out of the $10,000.00 needed. If you are one of many KidCrusher fans or just want to help family out, donations are highly appreciated and encouraged. You can donate by grabbing some official merchandise, but if you really want to be generous, there are special rewards that come with your donation:

3 MP3 albums of your choice with $25

Complete MP3 discography of KidCrusher for $50

Skype with KidCrusher plus complete MP3 discography for $100

Collaboration with KidCrusher and 16 bar verse on your song for $200

Complete KidCrusher CD/DVD collection with FREE SHIPPING for $250

VIP Meet & Greet, limited KidCrusher poster, Skype with KidCrusher, and complete MP3 discography for $300

Studio session with KidCrusher and learn how to record/mix/master and underground essentials for $500 (Only 5 spots are available for this option)

Of course, even just $1 will really help to boost the chances of KidCrusher finally making his American debut. As of today, there are 63 days left until the deadline is up for all expenses to be paid off, so make your donation and change things for this hardworking artist!

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