KidCrusher USA Tour Postponed


The Austr-Alien KidCrusher had been working on doing a tour here in the United States.  The End Of The World Tour was meant to happen this fall, and it appears that it is just not meant to be this year.

Hello everyone, this is Ian from KidCrusher’s US Team and I wanted to check in and give everyone an update about the End of the World USA tour we had been working on for the Fall of 2015.
KC and I had really wanted to bring him to tour the US for the first time on a solo tour. There are lots of reasons and benefits for doing so but after speaking with many promoters around the US it does not look as though that is going to happen this year.
There are a lot of legal, travel and other expenses related to bringing KC to the states and we tried to make his US tour package as affordable as we could while still being able to cover those expenses. Unfortunately most promoters did not feel comfortable with the package price especially combined with the fact that this would have been his first time in the states.
We will not be able to bring a KidCrusher solo tour to the US in 2015. However, we have already begun making arrangements for KC’s 2016 American debut and you can expect to see him as a supporting act on a larger underground tour coming to a city near you very very soon!
Kid and I thank you for your continued support in helping to bring him to the United States and we look forward to seeing you in 2016!

While it has been a long work in progress on getting here.  The team as you see is not giving up on making something happen.  KidCrusher added some insight of his own.

Really want to thank you all for being patient with me, I know a lot of you have probably given up hope over the last couple years, and I’ve been waiting forever with you. It’s not as simple as buying a plane ticket for me, as after the 2008 incident they’ve put a lot of detours in my career, really expensive detours, the amount the legal issues is costing us is insane but we just want you to know we are working on it endlessly, this news above isn’t as stale as it sounds, we just basically can’t tour this year, and we won’t be able to headline our first run, but we do have some help with the dates/but with that being said, ill be a support act, but hey, I’ll be there and it’ll be as insane as I’ve always imagined it would be. The best thing you guys could do to help us out at the moment, would be to continue your support on facebook by liking and sharing our posts, and also hitting up our webstore VictimGear and grabbing some Shirts/CDs/Mp3s to help fund our visa application – sorry for the rant, just wanted to put it out there, we really appretiate the love and support throughout the years and we are ready to give back! – Love Love, KC, MURDER!!!!!!

I LOVE and respect how they are being straight up on what is holding them back.  Here’s to hoping KidCrusher can make it to the states next year.  Headline or support, it doesn’t matter to me.  A trip stateside is long over due.  Best wishing to Kid and his team on getting it done for next year!