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Tech N9ne’s “Dwamn” Music Video spotted in Suicide Squad

If you watched the new Suicide Squad movie you may have noticed Killer Croc watching the “Dwamn” music video while in his cell. It seems Killer Croc is a Technician now. Hell, maybe Strange Music saved his life. As an orphan child abandoned most likely because of his strange skin condition why wouldn’t he turn to Strange Music.

It seems everyone likes Tech N9ne now a days. It’s interesting they choose that music video for the scene. If you didn’t catch this little cameo you better head back to the theather. If you haven’t watched it yet be on the look out. You can watch the music video below in preparation for catching it in the movie. Below that freshness is a little lesson on Killer Croc if you arn’t familar with the comic book character.

Dwamn ~ Tech N9ne

Get Schooled on Killer Croc

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