kittie gahering of the juggalos morgan lander

Morgan Lander and Podcaster Enlightened by the Juggalos

A podcast that goes by the name of In Traffic interviewed the lead singer of Kittie, Morgan Lander. They discuss her podcast, “Witch Finger”, touring with Pantera at the ripe age of 17, and surprisingly being enlightened by the Juggalos at our infamous Gathering of the Juggalos.

The first part of the interview is fairly interesting. She discusses her podcast which may interest some horror loving Juggalos. “Witch Finger” is basically her and her friends getting drunk and watching crappy horror movies. A common past time for many Juggalos.

Then they go on to talk about performing with Pantera. It’s really an intriguing topic. Morgan was very young for the party environment. Though her “cool” but responsible parents made it a great experience.

But enough with that shit! The part you really want to hear is at the end. Morgan relates how performing at the Gathering is different than any other concert. Juggalos are to be respected as seen by both interviewer and interviewee. The podcaster went to the Gathering as an outsider looking to make fun of the weird breed of notorious partiers. While there the podcaster changed from asshole to one with an enlightened view of the world. The lesson of acceptance enlightened this outsider. It’s quite interesting how they both walked away with an enlightened view of the world from attending our misunderstood Gathering. Most of all, it had me quite ecstatic to listen to all they had to say about the Gathering and Juggalos in general. Take a listen at The Gathering discussion starts at about 24 mins.

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