Koopsta Knicca Died Last Thursday

Koopsta Knicca Died

It came as a shock to the lo and lette community.  Koopsta Knicca died last Thursday from a stroke.  He was the second Three 6 Mafia member to die.  The first was Lord Infamous.

After his stroke though, Koopsta fought to stay alive and was on life support.  However, he eventually died overnight.  He was 40 years of age, the same age as the first Three 6 Mafia member, Lord Infamous, was when Infamous died in 2013.

DJ Paul, one of the original members of Three 6 Mafia, released a statement saying, “Everyone who knew koop knew he was very funny and the coolest guy ever!  He will be missed!!!”


A little bit of extra about Koopsta:  He was an original member of Three 6 Mafia but was not with the group when they won the 2006 Oscar.  Koopsta did rejoin six years later when Three 6 Mafia became Da Mafia 6ix.  According to DJ Paul, before Koopsta‘s death, he had started working on a solo record.


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