Kottonmouth Kings 20th Anniversary Tour


kottonmouth kings

Happy 20th Anniversary Kottonmouth Kings!

Kottonmouth Kings aka KMK, are non-stop hitting the pavement this year with numerous shows as this is the 20th Anniversary for the group. Help celebrate Orange County, California’s finest, Daddy X, D-Loc, The Dirtball, Lou Dog and Mikey Bonez.  This is the tour of all tours not to miss cause the party never stops at a KMK show! Tour is currently on the West Coast leg hitting up states: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Don’t worry if the show date isn’t on 4/20, because every show is 4/20 with Kottonmouth Kings!

Don’t forget to pick up Krown Power and High Standards and Greatest Hits albums if you haven’t yet! Head over to Kottonmouth Kings Merchandise and enter to win the KMK Golden Ticket by purchasing the High Standards and Greatest Hits album or deluxe pack!

Whitney Peyton has been currently touring for her Break The Frame Tour and will be merging up for the rest of the tour dates with KMK. Need to brush up on her latest album? Take a listen to Break The Frame. Let’s support her latest album release as we celebrate KMK’s 20th Anniversary! Team Underdog!

Chucky Chuck, Mr. DGAF will be joining KMK and Whitney Peyton for the above mentioned tour dates, 4/15-4/30/2016. Here’s a little taste of the flavor- “Destination Unknown” by Johnny Richter and Chucky Chuck


  • NOTE: 3 of the last tour dates from March that were postponed are now scheduled for:
    4/28 – Reno, NV , 4/29 – Santa Cruz, CA, 4/30 – Corona, CA

Still haven’t bought your tickets yet, I’ll gladly help you with that- click HERE.

If you’re lost and can’t seem to find the venue? It’s most likely a Mile High on Cloud Nine!

FIRE IT UP, see you there!

~ MzHollyw00d

R.I.P Pakelika forever in our hearts

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