Krizz Kaliko Interview in New York sway in the morning

Krizz Kaliko’s Inspiring Interviews in New York

Strange Music is currently on the Independent Powerhouse Tour. While Tech N9ne, Mayday, and Stevie Stone was having fun on Myrtle Beach Krizz Kaliko appeared in quite a few different places in New York City. These appearances were documented on Instagram and Twitter. So far we have a written and a video interview with Krizz from this press trip with The Source and Sway in the Morning.

Krizz Kaliko’s Trip Around New York City

Press trip NEW YORK. Bout to give em that "GO"

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Doing press in New York for "GO" Revolt TV Let me in!!!!

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Caption this pic of KaliBaby in New York!!!

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Read about Krizz’s GO promotion in the Big Apple on the Strange Music Blog. It looks like we got some GO goodies coming from XXL Magazine and Revolt TV in the near future. We will be keeping an eye out for that news when it hits.

The Source Krizz Kaliko Interview

First up in the interview side of his New York City trip Krizz talked with The Source about GO. The interview goes deep. He talks about the difficulty of reliving his mental illness thorough preforming and talking about the album, but how it’s worth it because it helps others with their mental and life problems. They also discuss how Krizz is an undercover Micheal Jackson which The Source wasn’t the first to point out. Overall, you get an in depth look into Krizz’s brain and its chemical imbalances. This chat with Krizz Kaliko won the admiration of the interviewer. It’s definitely something worth checking out!

The more I talk to you the more I admire you.

Thank you. The music is going to find its way to people. I feel like it’s God’s order for me to do this. I don’t even have to blast it to people. It’s going to find its way to the people and it’s going to be the biggest shit ever.

Read the complete Krizz Kaliko interview on The Source.

Sway in the Morning Krizz Kaliko Interview

Krizz’s next stop in New York was Sway in the Morning. This video interview was one of the best Krizz Kaliko interviews ever done. It started out with talk about cyber daddying. Then it went on to more serious subjects. Krizz quoted Tech, “You can have a successful relationship or a successful career.” The interview focused mostly on how his album reflects this creative mind plagued with mental illness. It’s an album that has touched many fans’ lives. They even go as far as to say Krizz Kaliko is a therapist. Sway in the Morning also took many calls from viewers who identified with the new music producing some real touching conversations. They also discussed the origin of his stage name, “Krizz Kaliko.” This is not an interview to miss if you’re a Krizz Kaliko fan, for sure!

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