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Krizz Kaliko Drops Smooth R&B Hit ‘Stop the World’

Krizz Kaliko dropped a new single from Go, his album up for preorder, like promised premiering it on Billboard. The smooth R&B hit single ‘Stop the World’ showcases his amazing vocals. His fans love when he raps, but boy does he got some pipes, now! There is a reason Tech N9ne puts him on so many of this tracks. This one proves that Krizz has a voice like no other.

‘Stop the World” is pure R&B gold! Not only does Krizz kill the delivery of this song, but the song itself is uplifting and something to get you through tough times. Krizz wrote this track with the struggles he has had with his mental health in mind.

From Billboard:

“The world felt like a big ride that I wanted to get off of. Life was not fun to me anymore,” he tells Billboard. “My marriage was troubled, I didn’t know where my career was going, My mental health was greatly affecting me at the time.”

Krizz (born Sam Watson) also reveals his decision to check into a mental institution “to see if there was a way to ease the pain mentally.” He adds, “A lot of my fans feel this exact same way. That’s why my music helps them and keeps them from hurting themselves or even committing suicide. I think we all have at least this thought at one time or another. Music imitates life. “Stop the world and let me off” paints the picture.”

Though this track doesn’t feature Tech N9ne you can still hear him in it. There is a softer version of “MTMD” from Special Effects weaved into this track. It adds a nice touch to a song about being mentally disturbed. Strange Music has saved many lives. I’m sure ‘Stop the World’ will comfort and save many more.

Krizz Kaliko, Stop the World

Did you like the new track? Krizz’s new album has a lot more in story for that ass. Just check out Krizz Kaliko’s interview where he talks about his album, Go, to drop April 8th. He also dropped a preorder trackYou See It (Buss It)” for Go. If you need anymore convincing that you need to pick up this album, he is releasing a track list on Facebook this afternoon at 2:45 pm CST.

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