Krizz Kaliko Gives Tour of his Life in Kansas City, Fuse tv

Krizz Kaliko Gives Tour of his Life in Kansas City

Fuse TV followed Krizz Kaliko all around Strange Music Headquarters and his hometown of Kansas City. We get a inside look into the life Krizz lead to become the Strange Music artist he is today. Touring all the nostalgic spots after a run around at the Strange Music Headquarters, we visit his elementary school, first job, and church.

First, Krizz walks down the halls of Strange Music reminiscing about his successful career gearing up for his new release GO coming out tomorrow. Then, we witness the massive merch warehouse where we see Darrein Saffron struggling away at an autographing session. The struggle is real, folks! Strange Music artist actually sit down and sign hundreds cd’s and merch items by hand. It makes them want to run around that huge warehouse!

Next, we visit Krizz Kaliko‘s elementary school where his son also attends. Not only do we meet his son, but also take a trip down memory lane. We hear all about Krizz’s first experience on stage at the same age his son is now, the 4th grade. It’s quite a nostalgic experience for the now famous performer. It’s where it all started!

The next stop on this tour is at Wild Woody’s Happy Foods, Krizz’s first ever job. It’s where he got his strong work ethic though it wasn’t the safest of areas to work in. It’s what gave him is character. We learn all about how it was like working in that grocery store.

Lastly, we visit his church and meet his mom. This church is where Krizz learned to do music. It was his mom who echos through his mind to this day, “Stay on your note!” He sure hated singing in that church choir, but it got him to where he is today. He always felt like he was a performer and this journey is how he got to be that performer.

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