Krizz Kaliko “GO” Review – Same Kali, Brighter Presence

Krizz Kaliko, GO, Strange Music

Krizz Kaliko no doubt has some of the greatest and most diverse talent that this world has ever known. While he is probably best recognized for his ability to rap, we can not forget that Krizz is a singer by nature; he just happens to be a singer who can rap and vice versa. As a fan of his, I was of course very excited when I first heard that he would be releasing his next album, later revealed to have the title of GO. Since it is such a big release and is of course Kali Baby, it makes prefect sense to review it, track by track! That being said, read on and prepare to be convinced…

  1. “Mama’s Intro” God’s Order Skit

As revealed by Krizz himself not too long ago, GO is actually used as an acronym for “God’s Order”. Through this beginning skit, we get to learn just how the title came about. What makes it that much cooler is that instead of Kali doing the voiceover or maybe Tech N9ne, Kali’s mother actually does it. This look into the mind of the soulful singer really puts the album as a whole into perspective.

2. “Talk Up On It”

The video for this track actually came out on the same release, but it doesn’t need to be watched in order to know just how uplifting the song is (though you should of course watch it, anyway). I won’t lie; as soon as this song came on, I couldn’t help but start to dance a little. The beat is so energized and has a really great flow. Not to mention, the words are very catchy. This is a great official start to the album.

3. “Bite Your Tongue”

This is another one that might make you want to dance, but at the same time, you can tell it has a specific meaning. Listening to it for the first time, I had this feeling that Krizz poured a lot of energy into it. However, while it is good, it isn’t really a favorite of mine.

4. “I Didn’t Wanna Wake You”

Already having known the backstory for this song from Krizz’ explanation a little while ago, I was eager to actually listen to it. It’s clear that the emotions behind it are deep and extremely personal, which I really like in songs. Add to that, it’s catchy and easy to love.

5. “Outta Line”

I like the beat on this one, but I’ll be honest, it isn’t exactly what I expected. I’m sure given time I’ll learn to like it, but for the time being, I’m not really feeling it.

6. “Behave” featuring Tech N9ne

This track was one of the singles released before the actual album, as well as given a backstory. While it is about infidelity, the words are extremely heartfelt and I really enjoyed this one. Tech N9ne’s verse- as always- really adds great flavor to it.

7. “More” featuring Stevie Stone

Again, I was kind of disappointed with how this track turned out, but I honestly believe that it could grow on me. After all, it’s Krizz Kaliko and Stevie Stone!

8. “No No’s”

Right from the beginning, I just knew that I was going to like this song. To say the least, I was right! The entire track has a great flow and fresh lyrics, making it one of those party kind of songs, despite the fact that it has somewhat of a negative hidden meaning.

9. “Orangutan” featuring Tech N9ne, Rittz, Ces Cru, JL B.Hood, and Wrekonize

This one is clearly full of Strange Music flavor, but does it meet expectations? Absolutely! As usual, every artist brings their own greatness to the track. More to the point, though, the entire thing is just bursting with energy. It is definitely within my top favorites.

10. “Wallflower” featuring Tech N9ne

I really enjoyed this one because of the energetic beat, as well as Krizz and Tech’s upbeat approach to their lines. Honestly, I can’t see why you wouldn’t like this track!

11. “Big FU”

I love how this track really showcases Krizz’ vocal abilities, as well as the great flow to the entire thing. It’s very deep, and I’m glad that the title doesn’t take away from that.

12. “Logged Off”

To me, this track speaks of the troubles of an increasingly disconnected world. I love how Krizz takes it to the next level vocally throughout the song, adding a feeling of being desperate to hold on to a connection.

13. “No Love” (Interlude)

I love the transition between this and the next track, which is actually just a continuation…

14. “No Love” featuring Tech N9ne

I really love this track because to me, it speaks on feelings of loneliness and perhaps even fear of the next move that you might make in life. It really hits home in a lot of ways, and I truly believe that it does the same for a lot of us out there.

15. “Stop The World”

As far as emotional songs go, this one really makes my heart ache. I know exactly what it’s like to have such thoughts and emotions as what Krizz has conveyed throughout this track. As a matter of fact, I got such intense chills straight from the beginning. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t start to tear up, as well. Despite the overwhelming feeling of sadness, there are glimmers of hope within it. For those of us who have seen the corresponding video as well, ya’ll know just how deep this track really goes. Added to that, Tech N9ne’s quick message at the end made me smile, and I hope beyond hope that it helps others.

16. “Happyish”

This final track really brings the entire album full-circle, just as every ending song should. It really makes you want to sing along, and after a song like “Stop The World”, you can’t help but smile and think of life’s blessings.

To end, let me just say that overall, I really enjoyed this album. When Krizz said that it is his best work to date, I can finally and gladly say that he was telling the ultimate truth! Congratulations, Kali!

Krizz Kaliko, GO, Strange MusicKrizz Kaliko, GO, Strange Music

Don’t forget that GO is currently available on the official Strange Music store, Best Buy, and iTunes!

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