Krizz Kaliko track list reveal on facebook livestream

Krizz Kaliko ‘Go’ Track List Revealed on Facebook Livestream

Krizz Kaliko went to Facebook’s Livestream to reveal the track list for his album Go now on pre-order. The Go track list can be found below. But, why stop there. Watch the recording of the Livestream. Krizz explains the meanings behind each song and even recites some hooks. You really get a great feel for the album listening to him talk about it. He also interacted with fans as best he could. The Livestream boasted almost 150,000 viewers so it wasn’t easy, though he was appreciative of all the love he got from his avid fans.

The Facebook Livestream brought some unexpected, but interesting tidbits of future projects. One was initiated by a fan asking Krizz if he would collaborate with Hopsin. It came out that Krizz didn’t even know Fuck Volume was disbanded due to the fact he sticks to his own business. Despite the drama, Krizz would still collaborate with him. Another interesting tidbit is that Twiztid’s manager was texting him. He didn’t say what about, of course. But it makes you wonder what is in store. Majik Ninja Entertainment and Strange Music seem to really be promoting each other a lot lately. Twiztid interviewed Stevie Stone on Ashtrays and Action Figures recently. Maybe they will interview Krizz next. Or maybe another collaboration is in store. Only time will reveal all.

Krizz Kaliko ‘Go’ Track List

Krizz Kaliko Go track list

Go will be available everywhere April 8th. But, if you pre-order now you will get some extra goodies. The pre-order includes a signed copy of GO, a limited edition GO t-shirt (XL only), a Strange Music decal and a bonus mp3 download track.

Watch Krizz Kaliko’s Facebook Livestream

Read about the Go Track List reveal on StrangeMusicinc.

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