Krizz Kaliko

How Krizz Kaliko got to be Strange

The Boombox, a hip hop and R&B publication, interviewed the Genius, Krizz Kaliko. In the interview, we discover his surprising journey to being a rap star, how Krizz and Tech met, the original title for GO, and more.

The aticle starts off releating his stats and Krizz’s proclaimation that he’s the “realest dude you’ll ever meet.” It’s really a break down of all that Krizz comes from and led him up to being a star on Strange Music. His path to Strange Music is not your average rap star’s path. He is very unique in not only his talents, but his journey to profiting off those talents. The way he talks about how his mother pushed him into singing makes you want to listen to your mother more, especially since it go him his coveted spot on Strange Music.

His mother was the church choir director, and made him sing. “I hated it,” Kaliko tells The Boombox. “I hated it as a kid…I would be in the choir singing as a kid, and she would [say], ‘Christopher, get on your note!’ Out of everybody, she could hear me…[Or], we would be in the car and we’d be singing, and [she] and my sister would be like, ‘Chris, your note is this.’ And I would be like, ‘Uh, I don’t wanna do this,’ but I’m so glad she made me do it.”

Then, Krizz describes meeting Tech at a mutual friend’s house.

“I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, over at my [guy’s] house,” Kaliko recalls. “Tech had left to go to LA to get a deal with Quincy Jones, and when things kinda fell through he came back to Kansas City to work with his old producer – “my mentor”… He kinda introduced us, and Tech was like, ‘You’re a marvelous talent, man. I need you with me!’” He was like, ‘What are you? You sing; you sell weed; you sell CDs; you rap. What are you? You’re like the weirdest dude ever!’ And the rest is history. Here we are.”

Krizz Kaliko also reveals that the original title of GO was going to be “God’s Order,” but then decided to change is to GO which is an ancoym for the original title. “GO” fits his mission to let fans know he is “constantly moving forward.” His latest album has been a major sucess and something he has been urged to do from is colluges. You learn a lot more about this ablum and the path Krizz took to making it in this interview. Read the full interview on  The Boombox.

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