Krizz Kaliko Interview: How GO is Different, but All Kali, Baby

Krizz Kaliko Interview: How GO is Different, but All Kali

Singersroom conducted a Krizz Kaliko interview for today’s release of GO. This new R&B sounding album has really turned some heads. Singing is nothing new to Krizz, but really a surprise for a known rapper. The interview touches on topics we have all heard from the plethora of interviews we have seen lately for this highly anticipated album. For instance, the stance of everyone on Strange Music who think that this is the album everyone is waiting to hear from Krizz.

Then, we get a little insight into Krizz’s mom involvement into the album. She did write the intro to this album. Though that wasn’t the first time she has written for Krizz or been on an album. She has been on every album Krizz has ever produced for Strange Music. She is the inspiration for Krizz to be a singer in the first place. Just like Tech N9ne, Krizz respects and honors his mom for all the good she has done for him.

Krizz also revealed that he sometimes gets in trouble for all the deep truthfulness he puts on this albums. It’s all worth it in the end when he hears fans say that his music saved their life. Though it does get him in trouble being absolutely open and real. Many people identify with what Krizz sings/raps about and it’s a blessing to the world.

Krizz also had some sound advise for his fans. Basically, it’s all about having a creative outlet. It’s obvious that music is his outlet, but anything that lets the crazy out will work for anyone. We are all a little crazy after all. In the end the last bit of advise is that love conquers all.

Krizz really expands upon himself. The interviewer wants to know about the man behind the music, so to speak. He goes into being a father and it’s importance to him. Also, the impact that his father had on him. Ending is all with the ideal that he was put on this earth to help and that’s just what he does even outside the music.

The Krizz Kaliko interview ends with a little bit of info on how this album is being promoted including the Independent Powerhouse Tour. The very last words that Krizz says is classic and I must share with you all. “people are going to see me as a new artist because they maybe heard of Tech N9ne and oh the other guys. So now the other guy has a name, it’s Krizz Kaliko, ha.”

Read the full exclusive Krizz Kaliko interview on Singersroom.

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