krizz kaliko music video makes local news, talk up on itKrizz Kaliko Music Video Makes Local News

Krizz Kaliko is making all kinds of news filming his new music video ‘Talk Up on It’ from his upcoming album Go.  When you have a bunch of cameras, equipment and a huge group of dancers of all ages floating around Union Station in Kansas City, MO you’re going to attract attention. KCTV 5 news covered the filming of the massive dance scene. While, the Kansas City Star was also at the video shoot taking pictures of the action. They took 23 pictures that can almost tell the story of this new music video.

Watch KCTV 5 Coverage of the Filming at Union Station


Fox New 4 Kansas City went out to the filming of the Tech N9ne produced music video and talked to Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko and the Kansas City dancers involved in this project. Tech likes to give back to his local community. Hiring all these local dancers uplifted their lives.

Union Station was packed Sunday morning with visitors, tourists, and dancers.

“This project is really kind of life-changing a little bit,” dancer India Sorrells said.

“The historical aura of it is really amazing,” dancer Susan Dietrich said. “It makes it feel a lot more energetic actually.”

Hip hop artist Krizz Kalico used the historic building as the backdrop for his newest video.

“It’s big, it’s beautiful. The way the ceilings look, I love the way the walls look in here,” Krizz Kalico said.

Kansas City rapper Tech N9ne produces Krizz Kalico’s music. This latest project is about giving chances to local people.

“We grabbed dancers mostly from the inner city in Kansas City. And some from the outskirts: Lee’s Summit, Overland Park, wherever. But it was definitely Kansas City dancers and I wanted them to do it. Somebody gave me a opportunity. Tech N9ne gave me an opportunity 16 years ago,” Krizz Kalisco said.

Tech N9ne, about to go on his own tour, stopped by to check out production.

“Everything I do is for Kansas City. I mean, this is my comfort zone; this is my habitat,” Tech N9ne said.

He said productions like this are another way to keep KC on the map.

“I got to go meet all the kids dancing in it,” he said. “It’s just so beautiful that we can create something like that and everybody wants to be involved. We got that much love here in Kansas City, because we are Kansas City.”

‘Talk Up on It’ has got the local news excited. Are you excited for this new music video featuring a massive dance routine? We shall hopefully see it soon now that filming has been done. Stay tuned to True Juggalo Family. We will bring you this news worthy music video as soon as it drops.

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