Krizz Kaliko Talks Upcoming Album Release “Go”

Krizz Kaliko

Fans of Strange Music artist Krizz Kaliko are no doubt hyped for his sixth album Go. With pre-orders as well as the pre-order track now available, anticipation is through the roof! To make up for the wait of the actual release, Strange Music recently sat down with Kaliko for an exclusive interview.

He goes in depth on many of the aspects that make his new album what it is, including what is new or different about it and where the title itself came from. Through the talk, fans are given a chance to almost see into the mind of Krizz Kaliko and who he is or was as an artist. In not so much a question, but a statement, Strange Music mentioned that it’s as if he is a new artist. Kaliko responded with:

“I feel like a new artist. I feel like I’ve found a whole new way to present myself, musically. When you hear it, you’re gonna know like, “Oh, that’s what he was talking about.” I feel like I am finally that bridge-the-gap artist. There’s a bunch of songs that sound like this, this, and this, but there’s only one person that sounds like Adele, there’s only one person that sounds like Tech N9ne, there’s only one person that sounds like John Legend, you know what I’m saying? I feel like that’s the kind of artist I became on this album”.

During the interview, Kaliko also explains why he has picked up more on singing as opposed to rapping, specifically for this upcoming album. With that in mind, he was asked,

“Can you still surprise yourself?”

His response:

“Man, I listen to my album right now, and it doesn’t feel like me. It doesn’t feel like it’s something I can possibly do. I have no idea how to do that – I have no idea how to make those kind of songs, but it works. For some reason, we make it happen”.

To read the rest of the interview, you can go to Strange Music’s official website.

Krizz Kaliko

The official release date for Go is April 8, 2016! Be sure to pre-order your copy today and give the track below a listen!

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