Kung fu vampire on cbs news

Kung Fu Vampire and Mars Discuss Horrorcore Killers on CBS News

CBS 5 News aired a special report about horrocore music and its connection with some homicidal horrorcore fans. It was so entertaining that Kung Fu Vampire uploaded the video of the coverage onto his Facebook Page. The reporter attended a concert with Mars and Kung Fu Vampire in order to interview not only the rappers but the fans in attendance also. The two male news reporters, who are of the douche-i-est type of straight edges, do seem to conclude that it’s not the music or artist’ fault and these killers are just flukes.

The reporter mentioned, among others, a certain “Juggalo” murderer on trail stating he was wearing a horrorcore shirt which happened to be a KMK shirt according to the video footage they were showing at the time. I thought it was interesting since KMK isn’t technically horrorcore. But then again they are talking about something they are not personally involved in. It’s a relief when they realize their assumptions were just that, assumptions.

Everyone by now knows that music is enjoyed by all and interpreted to mean what the listener understands it to mean. The idea they present that horrorcore lyrics would give horrorcore fans the idea to kill another human being is just asinine. Mars and Kung Fu Vampire drive that point home in their interviews. Kung Fu Vampire really steps it up a notch declaring news shows are the “granddadies of horrorcore,” to which the reporter could not argue. The banter between the two male reporters at the end of the segment is quite comical. It had me laugh like a fool. While the view that murderous music causes murderous actions is out of date and unfounded it seems to still be on some people minds. This news report only shows how ridiculous this idea ever was. People mimicing their favorite artist doesn’t translate to horrorcore fans killing people just because it’s the basis of their favorite rapper’s lyrics. That is reflected at the end of the video. The time this reporter spent with some Juggalos showed him that the fans in attendance were not killers and it’s all just music. Duh!

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