Kung Fu Vampire “Look Alive” Album Review

Kung Fu Vampire

Most artists are prone to saying something like “This is my best work yet!” or “You’ve never heard anything like this before”. Well, most of the time, these statements aren’t exactly true. Now if Kung Fu Vampire were to say this, I would be among the first to say that he’s telling the truth. With his latest release Look Alive now available to stream in full, it’s become very clear that KFV is far from fading out of the music scene. Just in case all that isn’t enough proof, allow me to further convince you by breaking down the album as I always do, track by track.

  1. “She Is A Villian”

As the first track on the album, I must admit that I had high hopes for it. After all, in my mind, the first track on any album is indicative of whether or not a record will be any good. For this album, “She Is A Villian” has not let me down. From the very beginning, the beat is great and sets an awesomely dark tone for the rest of the album. After listening to it, I was even more pumped to hear the tracks that follow.

2. “Fire” featuring Locksmith & Ubiquitous of Ces Cru

This is another track that I had high hopes for, considering it involves one half of the Strange Music duo, Ces Cru. Once again, I was far from disappointed. The female backup vocalist very nearly reminds me of a Rob Zombie song, but with a flavor all its’ own. The entire track is very catchy and I found myself bobbing my head along to each verse. As if KFV’s flavor wasn’t enough, however, the two featured artists successfully added to the dope feel of the whole thing.

3. “Duality” featuring Twiztid

As someone who has a lot of love for both KFV and Twiztid, I knew that no matter what, I would enjoy this track. However, I can honestly say that I was more than pleasantly surprised by the amount of awesome flavor that this song possesses. After hearing it, I can’t wait for all future collaborations between these incredible artists.

4. “Bloodbath Weekend”

This track is another one with an extremely catchy beat, giving it the potential as an underground club song. While it isn’t exactly something that I expected from Kung Fu, I have to say that I still really enjoyed it.

5. “Little Girl, Big Mouth” featuring Lex the Hex Master

We all recognize this track as one of KFV’s singles from before the release of Look Alive, and I think it’s safe to say that it is now a definite underground favorite. As for my opinion, I believe that this song couldn’t be any better if the two emcee had tried. The beat is awesome, the lyrics are unique, and for me, it’s one of those songs that you could play over and over again.

6. “Slice Of Life” (Remix) featuring Brotha Lynch Hung

No matter how many times I listen to this track, I will never not love it. Adding Brotha Lynch Hung to it only adds to the awesomely creepy flavor, so I have nothing but positive things to say about this remix.

7. “Cruel” featuring ¡Mayday!

This one feels very old school Kung Fu Vampire, and I couldn’t love it any more than I already do. When you add Wrekonize and Bernz to the mix, you just know that the result will be super fresh. I’m glad to say that this is incredibly true. I can definitely see this track quickly becoming a personal favorite, if not already.

8. “Dead Girls Don’t Say No #2” featuring Blaze Ya Dead Homie

When I saw that a second version of “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” was going to be released, I couldn’t have been happier. However, as soon as I saw Blaze Ya Dead Homie’s name next to it, I couldn’t wipe the smile that appeared off my face. It felt like a collaboration sent from heaven, and when I finally sat down to listen to it, there was no going back. KFV and Blaze undoubtedly slaughtered this track from beginning to end, and I could honestly see them working extensively together in the future. After a track like this, I can only hold out hope that they will.

9. “No Time For Bullshit” featuring I.L.A.M. & Mr. Grey

The second this song started playing, I was super hyped to hear the rest. It has a dark feel, but that is one of the things I love most about KFV and his music. The beat could easily be used for a scene from a horror movie, which just adds to my enjoyment of it.

10. “Diabolic” featuring The R.O.C.

Saying that I adore how much Majik Ninja Entertainment influence is in this album is a severe understatement. Mixing Kung Fu Vampire with any one of the MNE emcees is sure to be a great idea, no matter what the track is. That being said, I am basically in love with the addition of The R.O.C. to the track “Diabolic”. I honestly could not have asked for a better collaborative track between these two artists than this one.

11. “Bollywood Undead”

This track does have its’ potential, but I’ll be completely honest in saying that I didn’t really enjoy it. I think that if not for the background vocals, I would’ve liked this track more.

12. “Little Girl, Big Mouth” (Remix) featuring Lex the Hex Master

I usually don’t like remixes very much, but the remix of “Little Girl, Big Mouth” is almost as good as the original. Therefore, I don’t really have any complaints.

13. “Slice Of Life”

I sincerely love the beat and creepy flavor to this song, so much so that I can easily say that it is a new favorite. In other words, KFV did not disappoint one bit with this track.

To end, I’ll say this: if you still haven’t given Look Alive a listen, you are sleeping hard! Head over to Google Play or iTunes and bump it today!

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