Kutt Calhoun is going Solo

Kutt Calhoun

The co-founder of Strange Music record label, home of the founder – Tech N9ne, now has a new label and a new album.  Kutt Calhoun has been making music since 1998, however, he feels unappreciated.  Calhoun feels like he should be a more well-known figure in the hip-hop genre, and blames Strange Music for lacking in promoting and image managing.

Calhoun started his own record label called Black Gold Entertainment.  He had some comments about starting his own record label.

“If I stay here, I’m going to stand in place, or I’m going to sink.  I needed to move forward.  I ain’t getting that younger.”

His latest single is “On My Own.”  The track has lyrics that listeners can relate to, and features a woman in a relationship and a man belittled at work.  “On My Own,” is about finding the strength to stand up for themselves and find a better way in life.  The underlying message, though, is about the struggles with his former colleagues at Strange Music.

Also, on “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down),” Kutt Calhoun provides a music video directed for police brutality toward young black males.  He is not worried about any backlash because the words are, “Coming straight from the heart.  This is something that is important to me.  More people need to hear.”


Check out both music videos below and comment your ideas about each.