Handz Up

Rap/Hip Hop artist Kutt Calhoun speaks about his most controversial song to date “Handz Up (Shut Shit Down)”. The song arrives in the wake of the recent spate of unwarranted attacks on young black males by law enforcement officials.

“I haven’t heard anything out there like my song or that’s said the way that I’m saying it,” Kutt Calhoun says. “I’ve been holding on to that song and stuff continues to happen, unarmed kids are still getting killed by police. There’s the stuff in Baltimore and the situations in Los Angeles. There’s stuff that’s going on that’s going to keep my song relevant. It’s what was put on my heart to write.”

Kutt talks openly about the worldwide movement for peace and remembrance for those who have lost their lives to these unwarranted attacks.

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“Kuttin Loose” EP – 7.10.2015
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Cinematography by Scuba James – Digital Beard Productions

Label – Black Gold Entertainment