last supper music video

Last Supper Music Video Featuring Swollen Members

A Massive Underground Cypher

Mad Child released the second massive cypher from his latest and greatest mixtape, Underground Monsters. He has been giving the underground a voice on this mixtape inviting every underground rapper brave enough to stand up a chance to be heard. The Last Supper Music Video also accomplishes this with it’s host of 14 rappers including:

Prevail 0:00underground monsters
Madchild 0:55
Dr. Moriarity 1:44
Insane LOC 2:26
A-O 3:09
SNAP 3:51
AJ Jordan 4:34
Tymework 5:19
Chozen One 6:02
Om3n 6:45
Influence 7:27
MnemoniK 8:10
Krypto Man 8:53
Credits 9:51


Hyperlinks to the point where each rapper is featured in the video were provided for your convenience. The last one on the list isn’t a rapper though. It’s the list of all the people who preordered this mixtape. These names will also be inside the booklet for the CD. Just one more way Mad Child is spreading his appreciation for the Underground.

The entire Last Supper music video centers around the Last Supper cartoon scene shown above. Each rapper is depicted and his mouth is animated while the camera view focuses around them when they’re rapping. There is a lot of movement in the real life video background, realistic fire, and crazy camera angles, while the rappers’ bodies don’t really move. It’s like an over produced low budget cartoon.

All the underground talent featured in this music video makes it amazing. Every artist brought their A game for this track. When one has an option to collaborate on this large of scale you have to school it or be school. If the video was too good you wouldn’t be paying attention to the musical talent being displayed for you in a elaborate banquet. Angels in hell fire spitting their messages to the underground.

Last Supper Music Video

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