Shit is blowing up in Ohio for weed legalization, and while that might make some ninjas foam at the kotton-mouth, it’s also got a lot of people pissed. Basically, according to this article at, Ohio will be faced with two issues on Nov. 3rd’s election.

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Image Courtesy of Psychopathic Records

That shit’s gonna look like this!

The article says that Issue 3 kind of sucks but guarantees legalization now and leaves the option for the people to change it in the future.

It says Issue 2 also sucks, but for worse reasons, because it changes the way things are done by removing some of the people’s powers to vote — and it also does NOT legalize marijuana in any form or fashion. That means los and lettes will still get arrested for smoking some fucking weed. That is the bullshit that needs to be changed right now.

Think about it. Many of us are involved with NORML or other weed advocacy groups. What we want to do is take power away from the government when it comes to drug enforcement. This is the same government that made it illegal in the first place. Now they are trying to trick us into voting more power to them. That’s some bitch ass bullshit. Let’s get relief for patients and soldiers right now. Let’s get our homies out of prison. We can fuck with their business with our votes and our dollars in the future, but this war on drugs should have been over before it started.

Right now, Ohio is in a power struggle at the expense of its citizens.

Image Courtesy of Responsible Ohio

Image Courtesy of Responsible Ohio

Maybe this dude will come spit a few bars. 

Ohio ninjas, end this shit now, so we can smoke at Gathering number 17! How fucking baller would that be? Make sure you go out and vote No on Issue 2 and Yes on Issue 3 on November 3rd.

This post was paid for by a guy who has already been through the system and needlessly spent thousands of dollars in criminal fees over a fucking plant.