Let’s Get Real: Struggling To Find Balance

Let's Get Real

Hello again, juggalos! Welcome back to another segment of Let’s Get Real. I really hope that ya’ll enjoy reading these as much as I enjoy writing them for you. That being said, let’s jump into another topic…

I think it’s safe to say that all of us have been to a place where we feel completely inadequate. It seems as though nothing we do is right, no one appreciates our hard work, we just can’t do enough, or all of the above. These feelings are absolutely justified. However, knowing this does nothing to soften the blow. Our egos drift slowly into almost nothingness, and for those of us who had a lack of ego to begin with, not feeling appreciated only makes it worse. It’s difficult to find the strength to keep moving forward when it feels pointless. I know this better than most because I have felt immense failure more than once in my life. I’m at a point now where I know what I want and I’m fighting to get there, but sometimes, I fall slightly off track. I see people around me gaining recognition for the same things that I do, and when I get little to no recognition for my own work, is makes me want to give up. I get this feeling deep down inside to just throw in the towel and move on from my biggest dreams. What’s the point when there will always be someone better?

When I slip into this depressing state of mind, it takes me a while to drag myself back out. I forget to remind myself that everyone starts somewhere. All of the artists that I look up to were once beginners, just like me. It took them a while to get to where they are, and more than likely, they would see others in their profession and feel intimidated, as well. When you first start out in something, it’s easy to get lost in the thoughts and feelings of not being as good as someone else. A quote that I absolutely love is this: “Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20”. Adding to that, allowing someone to bring you down about where you are in life will never make you feel any better. If someone has nothing but negative things to say to or about you, they aren’t worth your time, anyway. After all, anyone who acts that way is simply jealous.

So next time you feel at all inadequate for any reason, just remind yourself that even the greats were once amateurs. No matter what you do in life and regardless of how long you’ve been doing it, no one can do things the way that you do because they are not you. Likewise, you are not them. Think of it this way: we are often imitated, but never duplicated. Much love, ninjas.

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