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Taylor TJF Juggalette of the Day


Name: Taylor
Comments or thoughts?
Well I guess if I had to tell a story,  it’s that I’ve been listening to psychopathic records for many many years,  but never really claimed “juggalo”  until I experienced my first hallowicked. I didn’t really understand the whole true meaning behind “family“.  But my first hallowicked changed my whole perspective on shit,  I got my life literally saved from death about 6 times.  My tiny ass self trying to get close to the stage,  yet not one motherfucker tried to fuck me up.  I did fall once.. But some big ass juggalo just swooped me up before I got my face stomped.  Who knew some stranger would have my back?  That was the moment I understood what all these juggalos meant by family,  and I haven’t missed  many shows since that one.  Every single show I see exactly what the juggalo power brings and it’s just amazing.  If could meet J and Shags,  I’d tell em they are king mack daddy’s.  And that’s pretty much all the thoughts I have right now.  Whoop Whoop fam!
Favorite Artist:
Insane Clown Posse
Years Down:
Favorite Song:
Do I really have to pick ONE?
Favorite Faygo Flavor:



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