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AnnieName: Annie
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I know my face isn’t painted here, but I’m wearing my “most hated band in the world” t-shirt.
I’ve had my family by my side my whole life, since 2004 when our paths first crossed. Last year, my closest homie, Allison moved to Florida and my other homie, Kelsey, moved a few hours away. We may be split up, but we still ride or die together. I know that no matter what happens, we have juggalo love and will never be alone or too far away from each other. I had to go to an ICP show by myself, but I wasn’t really alone. Ended up bringing my now best friend and got to show her the magic of the Dark Carnival. We’ve been inseparable ever since that night. ICP and everyone else has been their for me through every trial in my life and they will be until I die, that is one thing I am certain of. Whoop whoop
Favorite Artist:
Insane Clown Posse
Years Down:
Favorite Song:
In My Room
Favorite Faygo Flavor:
Moon Mist



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