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Juggalette of the DayName: Cici D’Agostino
Wanna tell your Family story?:
I’ve been listening to ICP since I was only 8.
I got bullied a lot in school for being different, no one would play with me or even sit next to me. Then one day I was walking around the mall with my mom and some kids from my school pretended to be excited to see me… talked my mom into letting me walk around the mall with them. I was so excited I thought I was finally getting friends!
 We walked around for a little while then they all just up and left me… I had no idea what to do.. So I found a bench and cried. Next thing I know there’s this older guy and girl walking up to me with face paint on. I was immediately curious and surprised when they asked me what was wrong… I told them, and they just hugged me. Then the man handed me headphones and told me to listen to a song, it was Pass Me By by ICP, they began telling me more about the dark carnival and the juggalo family. We started walking around the mall looking for my mom, I finally found her and the juggalo who was with me walked up to my mom and told her what happened. As he was doing this the juggalette leaned down and gave me their Great Milenko CD.
Years passed and I’m now older, I met this guy at a jam session with some friends and he looked familiar… I couldn’t put my finger on to why, especially because I knew he wasn’t from Michigan like me, then he asked me if I’d ever been to the family gathering and I completely geeked out! Just shouting on how I’ve never been to the gathering but I have to go!
We are now living with each other and he has become my best friend and lover. I couldn’t have asked for the power of the dark carnival to every gift me with such a person. We had a miscarriage not to long ago and now because of the Doctor bills we can’t afford to go to the gathering this year for my first time but we will be blasting music at home and sending the love to all of our family!!! THANK YOU! WHOOP WHOOP!
Favorite Artist:
Years Down:
Favorite Song:
Pass Me By – ICP
Favorite Faygo:
Blue Moon Mist




  1. I know how it feels to be out cast something similar happened to me. But I was a kid I went with someone I thought was my friend my only friend. I’m from a small town she took me to stay the night in san Antonio with her they took me to a pond at a park… And ditched me there in a big city and I didn’t have a clue were I was. I too sat on a bench and cried. I wish a fam had found me that day.

    Whoop whoop

  2. Whoop whoop mcl and respect i feel your pain and I’m sorry for your loss… Keep your head up and hatchet swingin


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