Lex the Hex Master Blowing up Facebook

Lex the Hex Master 420 Show

Photo taken by Miss Lotus

In the early hours of the morning Lex the Hex Master dropped a Facebook exclusive video of some new music he’s been working on.  This is just proof that there’s no rest for the wicked. After his first two tours, he’s already back in the lab creating new music at his home studio Las Roaches Suite, giving us a glimpse into where he came from before Majik Ninja Entertainment and where he spends his time creating when home.  As we all know and have heard, through Monoxides Brunch and Bakes, Lex’s full-length album is done, has been sent out, and now all we are impatiently waiting for is a date for the release. There’s still not a lot known about Lex besides the guy can write and perform his music like a beast.

Right off the bat the old school feel of the video with the faded black and white and a sick beat with an with some fresh ass lyrics, sucks you right in. Honestly, I love the rawness of this. Something we don’t see often anymore. Typically the videos being put out these days have crazy high production levels, even for quick facebook posts, to the point where sometimes the music is lost. Sometimes you spend more time trying to figure out the concept of the video than listening to the song or message they are trying to convey. But this is one more taste of all that’s to come from Lex the Hex Master. We keep asking for more and he gave us one more thing to hold us over until the full length is released on the masses. However, with everything we have heard and seen from Lex, it’s sure to be devastating! So that all being said, peep the video for yourself let us know what you think!

If you don’t have it already be sure to grab the Black Season EP available through twiztid-shop.com , FYE retailers, Itunes and Google Play!


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