Mr. Ugly released on the World

Lex The Hex Master

This past week at the Gathering of the Juggalos 17 in Thornville Ohio, Majik Ninja Entertainment made their presence known releasing not just one but 4 mix tapes from the entire MNE Roster including a free single from newest signee G-Mo Skee. As we are still awaiting the announcement of the Full Length Album, Lex the Hex Master released a 10 song Mixtape Mr. Ugly, that just like the Black Season, does not disappoint. Mr. Ugly was recorded in its entirety at Las Roaches Suite in New York, and is straight fire!

The controversial yet demanded freestyles are included in the track list, thought the facebook exclusives did find themselves with mixed reviews after the release of the videos on world star, the public spoke and we now have access to the tracks. The mix tape also includes some features, D Nice and LSP artist Claas on the song 2 Words. Before the release at the Gathering MNE decided to sneak peek one of the songs Bang Out Remix, I wont lie this song would have been the perfect banger to add to his Gathering set. Its got a kick ass beat you can get into if you know the words or not and a sick hook that will get the crowd going!

The album in its entirety seems like a window into the new found fame for Lex. Learning to deal with the constant negativity and not letting the overwhelming love get into his head so he can Stay focused and continue to put out the best tracks he can. Where the Black Season was an introduction, this mix tape seems to show more variety from Lex as the beats are very different from the black season in my opinion. All of the songs have great beats that you can get into, but it’s the lyrics on the songs that stick out the most to me.

To be honest I personally enjoy all of the songs on the Mix Tape, one song really sticks out to me and has been on repeat since I left Ohio just 4 days ago “Dying to Live.” I would have to say the emotion behind this song, is more than any track we have heard from Lex to date. Undoubtly in the past year, has been a world wind for Lex, and I feel like he put a lot of those feelings into this song, talking about now that he’s made it people will back stab you, want the world from you and even including the critics ,how everyone has an opinion. Even the chorus I feel can speak to most of us working towards a dream that seems unattainable and in Lex’s case he’s achieved it and now what do you do with it. “Why am I fighting to live, if I’m just living to fight, Why am I trying to see, When there ain’t nothing in sight, Why am I trying to give, When no one give me a try , Why am I dying to live if I’m just living to die” That in itself is very true, and to me very inspirational never mind the rest of the lyrics Lex lays down on this track, a must listen to for sure.

Final thoughts, head over to and cop your copy of Mr. Ugly. You want to see another side of Lex this is it. I thought I would have had to wait until the LP to find something I liked more than the black season, but Mr. Ugly is straight east coast rap fire. Lex and his team killed it once again now back to waiting on that LP announcement.

13621472_699159247979_1739668769_oTrack List:
1. Intro
2. Victory
3. Tuff Work Remix
4. For the City
5. Blackout Remix
6. D.O.A
7. Kick in the Door
8.2 Words Feat. D Nice + Claas
9. Bang Out Remix
10. Dying to Live





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