Lex The Hex Master The Black Season EP

AlrigCZAxzSIWsAA4rca.jpg largeht ninja’s, we have heard Bomb on Em’ and Ninja’s, now we finally have word about Lex the Hex Master’s EP. According to Majik Ninja Entertainment‘s twitter feed, Lex The Hex MastersThe Black Season EP” will be available on the Casket Factory Tour. There have on been a few interviews with Lex, so we still have a lot to learn about him, but it looks like Monoxide has taken him under his wings and created what will be Lex’s introduction to the underground world under Majik Ninja Entertainment. I’ll be picking my copy up in NY! As if you needed one more reason to NOT sleep on this tour! Just in case you have not heard the new Lex the Hex Master Tracks check out the videos below!

If you havn’t already get your tickets and VIP packs to The Casket Factory tour at twiztid-shop.com!

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